M1 Rider Rapid Fire Q and A

M1Motorsport’s new Rider sits down for Rapid-Fire Q and A session..

M1 Who

Favourite Race Conditions?
“Dry, but I do some times enjoy the drama’s of a drying race.”

Tread or Slick?
“Slicks, I think. Just a bit more racey looking and sometimes you tear a tyre that always seems to start at the tread.”

What is your personal strength?

What are you most proud of?
“I’m proud of Building houses for an award winning company; Meztger Builders Ltd

Who has influenced you most in Motorcycle Racing?
“Mr Dennis Charlett. (Former NZ Superbike Champion, 2014 , now racing with Pro-twins team; Man about Glass.)
I watched him racing in the 600 Supersport when I was starting out Road racing and attended some of his coaching days.
For the past three years I was lucky enough to be in Dennis’s team where he helped me a lot as a rider.”

Who is your Racing idol?
Casey Stoner, he is just the man!”

Favourite Competitor?
“I’m not sure. Any competitor that can put up a good battle with me and back it in to corners in front of me.”

What is your advice for young racers starting out?
“Smooth is the key to going fast.”

What’s your biggest fear?
“Never being able to ride a motor bike.”

Blonde or Brunette?
“I would have to say blondes but, the odd brunette catches my eye every now and then.”

Perfect night? At home with your partner, or night out with the boys?
“Like to get out and train as well as chilling out at home.
I don’t hit the town much. But special occasions and the night of Nationals prize giving, I’m keen to get out and party.”

Favourite Food?
“Can’t beat a pizza!”

Goal for 2016:
“Just one podium at the New Zealand Superbike Championship would be awesome.”


Long Term Goal:
“To win the New Zealand Superbike Championship.”