About M1Motorsport


M1Motorsport is a privately owned and operated, professional Superbike Race Team; based in Tauranga, New Zealand. M1Motorsport promote a developed strategy, providing maximum value and exposure, to our Sponsors.
It is the Teams’ primary focus, to continue to strive for top Race results, to provide exciting racing for our followers and to continue to develop and adapt Marketing strategies into the future, which appeals to Sponsors, who we consider to be an important extension of M1Motorsport.

The Machine: 2019 BMW S1000RR. [

The Sponsors: Our Sponsors generously support us throughout each and every season, to help us make the exciting results happen.
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The  2020 M1Motorsport Team:
M1Motorsport prides itself on working within a Team environment, comprised of Suspension Technicians, Data Analyst, and a support network of Sponsors, friends and family.
We believe this to be a significant part of what we do.

2020 Team M1Motorsport Development Rider:
Please click the link provided [

Team M1Motorsport Manager:
Robert “Moggy” Ramshaw.
Robert is a respected Tauranga based businessman, with a cheeky sense of humor.
Strong work ethic, vast mechanical knowledge and a passion for BMW Motorcycles and Racing, in any order!
Team M1
Team M1Motorsport Chief of Food & Wine:
Noel Adams.
Noel is a Tauranga businessman and an avid Motorcyclist. Highly valued with quick and critical thinking skills.
To be honest, no one knows what Noel does but he always turns up with wine so we keep him around.
Team M1
Team M1Motorsport, Data Alalyst:
Andrew Heagren.
Andrew has extensive IT knowledge and a passion for motorcycles.
You’ll most likely find Andrew setup in the pits with his laptops tirelessly reviewing squiggly lines and numbers (data apparently).