Season finale highlights; 3rd 2015 NZGP 1st 2015 NZTT


M1Motorsport 2015 Team

M1Motorsport 2014/15 Team

We qualified on the front row for the final weekend of the NZSBK series, in 4th position from one productive lap.
In race one, Linden was “gunning” for Jimmy Smith when he ran wide, unfortunately the incident caused us a disqualification so we lost valuable points.

In race two, the initial four laps were going incredibly well, but unfortunately our setup didn’t suit the conditions and we lost stability under braking, finishing 4th.

Race three, we gained a great start and in dicing for second, Linden tried a different line into turn 9 and had a wee tank slapper coming out of turn 10. “I was so sideways, that I leaned in on the rear brake to scrub speed off.  I had no choice but to run off in lap two and ended up at the back of the field.”

So with nothing left to lose and on a rescue mission, Linden pinned his ears back and by the finish, had passed Dillon Telford, Scott Moir, Tony Rees and then Dennis Charlett to finish in fifth spot.

So, with the end of a tumultuous season completed, Team Manager Robert Ramshaw explained.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the season, despite the fact we didn’t get the results we were hoping for.”
“It was hard work, but, taking 3rd in the 2015 NZGP and 1st in the 2015 NZTT on-board our number two race bike, were standout achievements and something to be proud of.
Both podium titles are a first for both M1Motorsport and BMW, at either race event.”

“I’ve learned more this season than the previous four seasons put together, Linden and I have worked better together and proved that by setting up the Valvoline sponsored BMW that we are as quick as the best in the field.”
Linden reflected on his season in New Zealand with M1Motorsport.

“The 2015 NZSBK season was a very trying one for us as a team. Our overall result doesn’t reflect the speed we had but we learned a lot and went forward with the BMW’s set up.
Big thanks to Moggy and the rest of the team for having me back in 2015. Also, thanks to all the Team’s sponsors and my personal sponsors.”

Many will be aware that Linden is about to join forces as a satellite rider with the Australian Honda Superbike Team: Team Honda Racing, for the ASC-FX Championship series.We at M1Motorsport congratulate and wish Linden all the best for the season.